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Site Updates - Rice Family

Christopher Rice site:

I have just made a few tweaks and fixed a few links.

Anne Rice site:

Finished updating the wolf novels, seraphim novels and christ the lord novels that didn't have images, extracts and some links. All done.

This means that the whole Rice family site is done: Anne, Stan and Christopher. Well, that is until either Anne or Christopher write and release a new novel.

Now to get to work on the Witches and Vampires.

Posted on 2014 Jan 18 by Bianca
Site Updates

The image for Christopher Rice's novels has been updated to include all five novels.

Today, I finally stopped mirroring the whole entire Rice site, so vampires, witches and family at The North Tower. They all belong here alone now, back where they belong, that makes me VERY happy. So now this will leave me time to do some more updating here.

For anyone who knows of this site from a decade ago and thinks .. well, there's not as much here as there once was (yes, I have had this comment). Life is pretty busy and this site is rather large. It takes time. Will it ever be as large as it once was? No idea, again it takes time, a lot of time and then there is real life. So I will continue to update and add to the site as time goes by and as time allows.

Otherwise. Those that are visiting here for the first time or revisiting, welcome, thank you for roaming this site, I hope you enjoy your visit.

Posted on 2014 Jan 03 by Bianca
Site Updates: Vampire Chronicles

The Vampire Chronicles & New Tales novels section has had the novel descriptions added.

Next I'll work on two extracts per novel for your previewing pleasure ... or a walk down memory land :)

Posted on 2013 Nov 15 by Bianca
Site Updates: Vampire Chronicles

In the Vampire Chronicles site, I have added the pages and images for the novels.

Next I'll add the novel descriptions to these pages and work on extracts .. watch this space!

Posted on 2013 Nov 10 by Bianca
Anne Rice Tours for her newest novel "The Wolves of Midwinter"


10/14/13 -- Mall of America (Minneapolis, MN) / 6:00 pm – with Christopher Rice

10/16/13 -- Barnes & Noble, Union Square (NewYork) / 7:00 pm – with Christopher Rice

10/17/13 -- Northshire Bookstore (SaratogaSprings, NY) / 7:00 pm – with Christopher Rice

10/19/13 – R.J. Julia Booksellers (Madison, CT) / 2:00 pm

10/21/13 -- Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Lexington, KY) / 7:00 pm – with Christopher Rice

10/24/13 – Meet and Greet at St. Alphonsus Church (New Orleans, LA) / 8:00 pm

10/25/13 -- Lestat Reunion Ball (New Orleans,LA) / 9:00 pm

10/27/13 -- Garden District Books (NewOrleans, LA) / 1:00 pm – with Christopher Rice

10/29/13 -- Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Park (Dallas,TX) / 7:00 pm – with Christopher Rice

11/2/13 -- Barnes & Noble, TheGrove (Los Angeles, CA) / 2:00 pm – with Christopher Rice

11/5/13 -- Books Inc., Opera Plaza (SanFrancisco, CA) / 7:00 pm – with Christopher Rice

11/7/13 – Capilano College (Vancouver, BC) / 7:30 pm 

11/14/13 -- Changing Hands (Phoenix/Tempe,AZ) / 6:00 pm – with Christopher Rice


Posted on 2013 Nov 08 by Bianca
Site Updates: Anne Rice & Christopher Rice sites
On the Christopher Rice site:
The novels "Blind Fall" has been updated with extracts.
Added Christopher's newest novel "The Heavens Rise" with extracts.
On the Anne Rice site:
Updated Anne Rice's "Out of Darkness" and added extracts.
*Reminder: Please remember to refresh pages to see the updates.
Posted on 2013 Nov 08 by Bianca
Site Updates : Christopher Rice
On the Christopher Rice site, the novels "Light of Day" and "The Moonlit Earth" have been updated with extracts.
"The Moonlit Earth" has had its novel description added.
Christopher Rice's official website has been added to the index page of the site.
Posted on 2013 Oct 28 by Bianca
Welcome to ... The Little Drink.

Welcome back to The Little Drink.

I say welcome back because I dwelled here with Anne Rice, her vampires, witches, spirits, erotica and all else she has written for 10 years, but then sadly lost the domain.

After 3 very long years, I have it back! And won't allow it to slip out of my hands again.

So for anyone who has happened back here again, welcome back .. for anyone new who has stumbled across The Little Drink ... it is so very nice of you to visit.

Where have these pages been for the past 3 years? We have been biding our time at The North Tower, which is our sister site, which once I remove the Rice pages, will need to be developed in its own right and will be. For now though, I will be concentrating on updating the Rice sites as I've just not really felt the desire to do so over the past 3 years. Yes, I was pining and whining over having lost The Little Drink.

I now have all the sites here which are as follows:

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (created 15yrs ago, just 8 pages ... but then I got a little carried away)

Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches

Anne Rice (About her other novels and Anne herself)

Stan Rice (her beloved late husband)

Christopher Rice (her son, a talented writer in his own right)

You can navigate through to these sites from above ... I am sure *crosses fingers* that all links are updated. Please feel free to let me know if something is amiss.

Now before I let you free, I need to thank the VERY talented Omni Koresh who has given permission for me to use the image you see at the top of this site of Claudia the child vampire. I saw this image and fell in love with it and I am SO very grateful for the permission to use it on this site, it is simply perfect!

Please visit Omni Koresh at the following links:

So here is where I shall leave you to visit the site and get to know Anne Rice and her wonderful characters. They don't bite .. well, Lestat does .. but I hear it is somewhat enjoyable ...

Posted on 2013 Oct 28 by Bianca
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Anne Rice's newest novel .. the next instalment to the Wolf Gift Chronicles:
The Wolves of Mid Winter

The Wolves of Mid Winter




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